Nina Sophie Weber

Photo: Stefan Weber (@mrknips)

I am a doctoral candidate in the department of Political Economy at King’s College London. My research focuses on prosocial preferences and economic inequalities. Specifically, I am interested in how procedural fairness concerns affect preferences and behaviours.

I am currently also a teaching assistant at the department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science and have previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Selected working papers:

Non-selfish behaviour: Are social preferences or social norms revealed in distribution decisions? (2020) – with Shaun Hargreaves Heap and Konstantinos Matakos

Experience of Social Mobility and Support for Redistribution: Beating the Odds or Blaming the System? (2020) [working paper of previous version]

We cannot disagree forever! Reality polarization and citizens’ post-pandemic fiscal adjustment preferences (2021) – with Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Christel Koop, Konstantinos Matakos and Asli Unan