Nina Weber

Photo: Stefan Weber (@mrknips)

I am a doctoral candidate in the department of Political Economy at King’s College London. My research interests lie within behavioural and experimental economics with a focus on social preferences and procedural fairness. Specifically, I am interested in the following questions:

  1. What shapes social preferences and behaviours, especially distributive choices?

My projects in this research area focus so far on the role of (1) social norms, (2) personal experiences (e.g. social mobility and shocks like COVID-19), (3) fairness perceptions of income sources, (4) fairness perceptions of work complexity, and (5) externalities in affecting social preferences and behaviours, especially distributive choices.

  1. How does procedural fairness affect outcomes beyond redistribution?

Here, my work currently focuses on the effects of procedural fairness on (1) VSL estimates and (2) effort provision.

I have previously been a visiting scholar at the research unit ‘Economics of Change’ at WZB Berlin and at the FAIR – Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality at NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

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Upcoming presentations:

ESA Meeting, Bologna (31 August – 3 September)

APSA Annual Meeting – Montreal, Quebec (15 – 18 September)